At our core, we are scientists whose research is interested in integrating human performance and sports with science and medicine. Our Lab focuses on using your physiological responses and biometric outputs to optimize your metabolism and help you train, rest, and recover better.


The data derived from understanding and assessing your baseline physiology and overall health gives us parameters to develop training, dietary, and rest and recovery solutions for you.

Biometric outputs measured include VO2 Max, anaerobic threshold, heart rate variability (HRV), active heart rate, SpO2, EEG and brain wave activity.


Whether you are a professional athlete or just concerned about your overall health and wellbeing, our program will ensure that you build a strong aerobic base to optimize your metabolism and develop adaptive physiology responses to better utilize fat and carbohydrates and to maximize your potential.

Central to our methodology is heart rate zone training and every workout is analyzed and a report is emailed to you immediately. Using the data from our biometric assessments, the program is individualized to your body and physiology and our clinical team is constantly reviewing your data and making changes to your training to make sure you never hit a plateau.

An individualized diet plan overseen by a registered dietician will augment your physical training and optimization of your metabolism.


When we think about fitness and exercise, running hard, lifting heavy and burning more calories comes to mind.

But how we rest and recover is central for maximum recovery and optimization of human performance. Our rest and recovery system focuses on rebalancing your autonomic nervous system, managing your training load, and eliminating lactic acid to promote muscle recovery.

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