Whether you are a professional athlete or just concerned about your overall health and wellbeing, our program will ensure that you build a strong aerobic base to optimize your metabolism and develop adaptive physiology responses to better utilize fat and carbohydrates and to maximize your potential.


The core of our fitness program centers on heart rate training to optimize your metabolism and achieve your goals efficiently. Our program works out ALL of your training zones on different days because each zone has benefits to your metabolism and overall health. We incorporate boxing, kickboxing, martial arts, medicine balls, kettlebells, battle ropes, sleds along with traditional weight training and plyometrics to make sure you get a full body and physiological workout. The unique feature of our program is all your biometrics are monitored by our trainers and coaches during your entire workout to ensure you are reaching your targeted zones.

Your heart rate provides valuable feedback on your training intensity because it determines how hard your heart is working while exercising. You get different benefits from working at different heart rates and depending on those zones, you either burn more fats than carbohydrates or vice versa. By understanding what happens at each zone, you can develop smarter and more efficient training programs to achieve your goals.

Zone 1

Warmup and Recovery Zone

50-60% of your maximum HR

Zone 2

Moderate Intensity (Fat Burning) Zone

60-70% of your maximum HR

Zone 3

Aerobic Zone

70-80% of your maximum HR

Zone 4

Anaerobic (Lactate) Zone

80-90% of your maximum HR

Zone 5

VO2 MAX Zone

90-100% of your maximum heart rate

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We have 5 programs, following are the our program categories


Our individualized training provide an unrivaled one on one training to help you meet your goals. Using the information from our assessments, our trainers are able to create personalized workouts that is goal oriented and designed for success. Whether you are rehabbing from injury, aiming to enhance your performance in competitive sports or trying to achieve your personal fitness goals, our experienced team can help.


These classes are limited to 3-5 people per session and allow our trainers more focused attention on your training in a group setting. Your biometrics are monitored in real time using heart rate monitors thus allowing our trainers to personalize the workouts and make sure you are reaching the goals of your workout. The training includes kickboxing, boxing, plyometric training, strength and conditioning and core dev


These classes are limited to 15-20 people session and focus on strength and conditioning through plyometric training, kettle bell and battle ropes and guarantees that you will burn calories, tone muscles, improve cardio fitness, and enhance your mind/body connection.

Your biometrics are monitored in real time using heart rate monitors, thus allowing our trainers to personalize your workouts and a detailed report is emailed to you right after the class.


At ECA Wellness, we offer a kid’s fitness training program led by trainer Nate Andrews. The kids are put through different kinds of workouts and exercises from boxing, kick-boxing and other aerobic conditionin


  • Lower risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Improve the development of physical and cognitive development
  • Stronger muscles and bones
  • Improve flexibility, balance and coordination
  • Improve classroom behavior
  • Increase the size of brain structures and neural connections
  • Teach discipline and leadership skills
  • Decreases symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Help cope with physical and emotional challenges
  • Fit kids sleep better


Our remote training program allows us to create and monitor your biometrics and workouts in real time using specialized trackers . You get the same customized workouts as you would from our Lab but now from the comfort of your home or office. To inquire how you can set up remote training, please send us a message from the Contact Us section

Metabolic and Diet Medicine

The food we eat has many benefits. However, it also carries with it an enormous number of risks; therefore it needs to be monitored and it needs to be tailored to each individual patient. We are in the business of unraveling this difficult paradigm through a comprehensive and integrative program that seeks to correct nutritional and biochemical imbalances within the body, enabling healthy function of all the organ systems.

A proper diet can improve

The program focuses on healthy, regular function of individual organs and systems, such as the digestive and immune systems, but more importantly on the body as a whole. Every day, millions of chemical reactions take place within our body to sustain life.

These reactions include but are not limited to aiding in transporting of energy molecules such as ATP, converting energy molecules to waste products, cell turnover and regeneration, and oxygen transport. Specific enzymes drive each of these reactions, and each enzyme requires specific vitamins and minerals to function. All of these vitamins and minerals play a vital role at the cellular level and are critical to your overall health and sense of wellbeing.

  • Skin
  • Energy levels
  • Gastrointestinal function
  • General sense of wellbeing
  • Management of Autoimmune conditions
  • Memory and better concentration
  • Sleep and resolution of insomnia
  • Healing

What we eat also plays a big role in how we exercise and train in the gym or at our respective sports. Having a balanced and nutritional diet is important to reach your fitness and wellness goals.

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